Company Name - "Reach One, Teach One, Save One"
Executive Summary
Founded in 2012, Team Hatchett Basketball is a non-profit and volunteer based 501(c)3 organization.  Our organization was established to provide recreational and competitive opportunities for youth of Northern Virginia and throughout.  We are committed to making participation available and affordable to interested athletes who rise to the challenge of playing AAU basketball.  We believe that an athlete should be able to participate regardless of race, religion, creed or financial status. We are dedicated to helping youth channel their passion for basketball, thus creating responsible and positive role models in their communities.
Our goal and mission is to promote health and fitness, improve athletic skills, provide valuable social exposure and offer practical experiences in teamwork, sportsmanship, diversity and leadership.  We also strive to develop our players to become great leaders and examples both on and off the court. 
Our Principles of Integrity

Integrity is a fundamental part of Team Hatchett Basketball and the way we do business. Our commitment to integrity means that all of our actions and relationships are based on these uncompromising values:

Respect - We will treat each other with respect and dignity.

Fairness - We deal fairly in all our relationships inside/outside the Team Hatchett Family.

Reliability - We honor our commitments and/or obligations and we will do what we say
and say what we mean.

Accountability - We take responsibility for our actions and will hold others accountable for their actions.
Opportunity - We provide equal and fair opportunity to all.

Community - We will positively contribute to the community.
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